About Us

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TPUBLISH.com (TPUBLISH INC.) explores the realms of publishing, internet marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship to separate the wheat from the chaff, claim-wise.

We are also of the belief that in today’s topsy-turvy economic environment, it borders on insanity to rely exclusively on a single source of income.

Downsizing and Outsourcing: Inevitable Twin Scourge

Corporations, after all, do downsize and outsource to minimize cost, maximize profit, stay competitive and keep shareholders happy. That, you know. Equally known is the fact that, as a result of being a victim of downsizing and outsourcing, your bills (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly living expenses) are not downsized (if anything, they are up sized) nor outsourced.

That is why TPUBLISH.com (TPUBLISH INC.) practices and preaches an economic philosophy of diversification of streams of income to minimize the impact of the twin scourge: downsizing and outsourcing. It’s a philosophy of economic autonomy (not independence, for we are all economically interconnected- it’s called globalization) to lessen the harmful effects of economic uncertainty.

Opportunity Galore

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, the opportunity to explore the realms of entrepreneurship is within everybody’s reach and grasp. Even though the entrepreneurial spirit is not embedded in everybody’s DNA.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur* is a risk taker. If you are risk averse, entrepreneurship is not for you.

An entrepreneur is a visionary who has been to the mountain top of initiatives (take action!) and seen the promise land of abundant opportunities, yet to be explored and exploited.

An entrepreneur is one who has made a conscious decision and makes it a point to be the master of his/her own destiny, as opposed to being a slave to the master’s destiny.

Entrepreneurship: Rewarding Endeavor

Entrepreneurship is rewarding. Rewards do come with risk (educate yourself beforehand to minimize the risk) and responsibility. But believe us, once you experience the freedom, longitude and latitude of being the master of your own destiny, you’ll never want to go back to being a slave to the master’s destiny.

Who wants to go back to the darkness of precariousness (potential victim of downsizing and outsourcing) once the glaring light of entrepreneurial freedom- and its rewards- has been seen and experienced?

Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous entrepreneurs: Bob Johnson (BET), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Donald Trump (Real Estate), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Oprah Winfrey (OWN Media), Mary Kay (Cosmetics), Madame CJ Walker (Hair Care Products), and Debbi Fields (Cookies) to name just a few.

Do you think for a moment that these successful entrepreneurs have ever looked back and wished their destiny were left to the whims and caprices of a master? We think not.

If asked: If given a chance to do it over, would you rather be an entrepreneur in charge of your destiny or an employee whose destiny is left at the mercy of downsizing and outsourcing? We bet their answer would be unanimous and unequivocal: I’d rather be an entrepreneur.

Reality Check

*Let’s be realistic: The road to successful entrepreneurship is littered with failed enterprises. The true success rate of new business ventures is 10% (40% operate marginally, 50% fail, 25% fail during the first year) according to SCORE. We are not advocating a lala land strategy: quit your job without anything to fall back on and become an entrepreneur.

Au contraire, we are suggesting and championing a successful tactic: while you still have a job (plan B short term), start an entrepreneurial activity on the side (plan A long term). Should plan A fail , you’ll have plan B to fall back on. Should plan A succeed beyond your wildest dreams, (kiss plan B good bye- discard it!), embrace and stick to it (plan A) wholeheartedly. May you reach your full potential in your entrepreneurial endeavor!