Is It Time To Host Your Own Website?

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Is It Time To Host Your Own Website?*

Telltale Signs

Is it time to host your website? The telltale signs that your content has outlived its welcome stay at someone else’s website (not yours obviously) and the red carpet is about to be pulled right from under it, are when a request to rewrite is made for failure to comply with “Terms Of Use”, or it is suddenly blacklisted (or white-listed, depending on your prospective as to whether black is bad vs white is good, or vice versa), disabled, unpublished, yanked off the site,.

Has it ever occurred to you to have written and published (on a “free” website) an excellent article about a sensitive matter, and to find out suddenly, after it has had a nice run in terms of readership, that the hammer of censorship has come down slamming hard on it? No matter how hard you try to rewrite or edit it out, once red-flagged, this article can never circumvent the filters (keywords) of censorship to see the light of day of publication on that “free” website again.

The above scenarios are, among other indices, the telltale signs of the need to host your own website.

If the re-publication of your article is contingent on a rewrite, don’t bother. Don’t waste your precious time and intellect to rewrite an article which has been correctly redacted in the first place, especially if you did your utmost best to comply with “Terms Of Use” policy to begin with. The likelihood of getting your article re-published is that of the proverbial camel going through the eye of a needle. Isn’t it time to host your own website?

If you do rewrite the article, do yourself a favor: publish it on your own website.

Glass Half-Empty vs Glass Half-Full

 It’s a case of the glass is half empty vs the glass is half full, depending on your prospective on the censorship.

Glass half- empty.- You can badmouth, defame, disparage, libel the “free” website, the editorial board, accuse them of playing judge, jury and executioner with your content. Whining, whining, whining!

Our opinion on the matter? It’s their website, their livelihood, they can run it as they see fit to protect their interest. If, in their view, your content violates their policy and that of their advertisers, they are well within their rights to sums disable ads on the “offending” content, to issue warnings– despite the fact that in your view you have not done anything wrong, and you always strive to produce fully compliant content. They can turn the censorship screw up one more notch by denying you access altogether to their website (Read “Terms Of Use” Policy).

If your content is banned for discrimination, racism, libel, invasion of privacy, explicit adult material (pornography), plagiarism, copyright infringement or violation, etc. -to name just a few “mortal sins” worthy of and legitimate ground for a ban – we wholeheartedly agree with and support the decision to reprimand, even to deny you access to the site.

However, where we draw the line is on taboo subjects which the “free” website’s Terms Of Use Policy forbids from touching with a 10-foot pole. No matter which angle you tackle the taboo subject(s) from, it is a certainly doomed to censorship. Since possible denial of access for violation of policy is always lurking around the corner, as a precautionary measure,  make it a point to always backup your content prior to publication and for anytime access on your own terms.

Glass half-full.- The censorship is a wake-up call to prompt you to explore other avenues to publish your content, i.e. hosting your own content. It is also a reminder that, in spite of the promise made by the “free” website- “you can write just about anything and make money”- you’ve been lulled into a false belief that your freedom of speech (the right to write just about anything) was a right, but it turned out to be just but a privilege at the “free” website. To illustrate the point about freedom of speech under those circumstances, this interesting quote sums it up: “Freedom of speech is guaranteed, as long you have nothing meaningful to say”.

It’s a golden opportunity to create your own platform (your own websites) to publish your own content and to reap the concomitant rewards. Unlike the “free” website (which obviously is not yours), the content is yours; make it your business to disseminate, distribute, publish and manage it as you see fit.

Isn't It Time To Host Your Own Website

Stop lining the pockets of “Free” Websites’ owners to the detriment of your financial well-being. Start putting money in your own pockets by Buying a Web Hosting Package Now and start building and running Your Own Website.

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How To Proceed

One needs not be a rocket scientist to host and run a website. Here is how to proceed:

1.- Buy a domain name with your targeted niche’s name integrated into it. If your niche is cosmetics, jewelries, etc., make sure those keywords are incorporated into your domain. Read Best Web Hosting Companies: What To Look For before you choose a web hosting company to do business with. Most hosting companies offer a free domain with the purchase of a hosting package.

2.- Pick a hosting plan. Read Which Web Hosting Companies To Choose? to compare web hosting companies plans.

3.- Learn the nuts and bolts of running a website. If you have no clue at all as to where to begin and how to do so, buy a book or read similar articles to educate yourself. The bottom line is if you can afford to spend time and energy building someone else’s website by providing free content ( if you don’t have an advertising or affiliate account to partake in the “free” website’s advertising revenue split), it is only fitting that you do the same (devote and dedicate even more time and energy) with respect to building your own website.

The learning curve may be steep at the outset if your are not technically inclined, but the rewards and satisfaction of having created and built something you can call your own –your website– are priceless. It’s like learning to ride your first bike or drive your first car; at first it may appear to be a difficult, scary and challenging undertaking; but the skills, once mastered, are yours to keep for a lifetime. If you can’t build the website yourself, get hired help. Because we believe action speaks louder than words, we are more than happy to build it for free (provided that certain conditions are met) to prove it to you.

4.- Last, but not least, drive traffic to it. The more traffic, the better. High rate of traffic translates into high conversion rate of advertising and sales.

How Much Is Your Content Worth To The “Free” Websites?

Creating original and quality content is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. It is hard. If it were easy, the “free” websites would have created and produced their own content, instead of providing a platform whereby a wide array and range of user-generated content is aggregated for the intellectual delectability of an avid and voracious readership.

The success of the “free” websites lies (thanks to, in no small measure, a plethora of fine and skillful freelance writers and authors) in the diversification of their content portfolio and the range of issues and topics they address (finance, economy, money, credit,  employment, technology, arts and crafts, fashion and beauty, entertainment, education, parenting, literature, media, family, business, automotive, etc.), which ultimately drives traffic like a magnet to the “free” sites and turns them into attractive platforms for advertisers.

According to’s estimation, the following websites: Hubpages, Squidoo (merged with Hubpages), StumbleUpon, and Zimbio rake in respectively in ads revenue daily $11,581.00, $15,642.00, $22,300.00, and $8,686.00 and are worth respectively $8.45, $11.42, $16.28 and $6.34 Million.

Your Contents' Worth

The preceding websites in the table are mentioned just for illustration’s sake- just to prove a point. They are not the targets of any rants and raves, nor of any disparaging remarks. Squidoo has merged with Hubpaes.

Ads Revenue Split

In a 60/40 ads revenue split, 60% of the impressions are yours, 40% are the “free” website’s. That’s well and good, fine and dandy. The odds of earning money, when interested readers click through displayed ads, are in your favor on an individual basis. However, on a collective basis, the odds are against you: your content is just a drop of water in an ocean of articles, photos, videos, etc. screaming and crying out for attention.

The readers, under those circumstances, cannot therefore afford to pay undivided attention to your content. But thanks to the law of scale, regardless of the content the readers focus on, the “free” web site, like a casino (the house), always wins. As for you your content’s likelihood to enjoy wider and greater exposure, it is subject to the random outcome of a roll of a die, a flip of a coin; statistical events and algorithmic outcomes over which you have no control.


The preceding websites in the table are mentioned just for illustration’s sake- just to prove a point. They are not the targets of any rants and raves, nor of any disparaging remarks.

Free Is Very Expensive!

Your ads revenue from your own website is yours to keep 100%, so is your profit (revenue minus expenses). That’s even better. The readers pay close, undivided and exclusive attention to your content- and your content alone. Your articles, photos, videos, etc. are front and center.

In order to earn a relatively decent living from your content at the “free” website, a substantial body of work (a ton of articles, photos, videos, etc.) is required. Whereas the same body of work on your website(s) can potentially increase your revenue by a factor of 10, 20, 30, etc., if an excellent job of driving traffic to it is done.

The sky and your imagination are the limits. Suddenly, the odds of readers clicking through ads of interest are 100% in your favor: soaring revenue is the logical resultant. By now, you’ve probably drawn the conclusion and come to the sad, yet enlightening, realization that: Freeis VERY EXPENSIVE, no matter how you slice it. The illustrative table below is self-explanatory.

Ads Revenue Split Without 'Free Websites' Share

The Paul Getty Philosophy

We’ve argued earlier that creating (and producing) quality content is an arduous task unsuitable for the faint of heart. Content and website are intertwined and intimately linked. Content is to a site what oxygen is to your brain; without it (content) a website is nothing but an empty shelve. No wonder, content is king!.

It is also a known fact that a diversified portfolio of enthralling content is a cash cow, ads revenue-wise. How do the “free” websites take on that challenge and bridge the content gap? Leverage. By applying the Paul Getty philosophy (I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort), they create platforms whereby a rainbow of content is created freely by bloggers and writers of all stripes, and they rather earn 25%-50% of the ads revenue of everybody’s content than 100% of the ads revenue of their own content (if they care to create it in the first place).

So, the meager 100% revenue derived from your own website(s) pales in comparison to their collective 25%-50% lion’s share of ads revenue leeched from everyone’s content. The secret? Volume! Volume! Volume! (A philosophy of: I rather have a slice of everyone’s cake than 100% of my own cake)

What Are We Advocating For?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what are we advocating for? Abandonment of the “free” website to the exclusive benefit of your own site? Far from it. We are proponents of a mutually beneficial relationship (a win-win strategy), a hybrid approach (a cohabitation of sort) whereby the “free” website’s popularity and voluminous traffic are leveraged to increase your website’s traffic, boost visibility, exposure and ranking, on one hand; and, on the other, to inform and alert your readership of the partial presence of your content (just a handful of articles, photos, videos, etc. excerpted from the bulk of your rich and diversified content portfolio) on the peripheral “free” website(s).

Autonomy vs Dependency

It’s a dynamic and proactive relationship (your websites vs the “free” web sites) as opposed to the static and passive nature -absent your own sites- of a relationship whereby you are left at the mercy and whims of the “free” websites’ “Terms Of Use/Service Policy”. We are advocating for autonomy (interdependence) contrary to outright dependency; absent, once again, your own website(s). Ownership gives you the privilege and freedom to include and/or exclude -not to discriminate- based on your own criteria and policy. You are just applying the golden rule: S/he who has the gold, makes the rules. So if you want to make your own rules (your own Terms Of Use/Service Policy), have your own gold (your own websites)!

Bridge Burning Policy?

We do not advise a bridge burning policy. Au contraire. We encourage you to maintain a close, yet at arm’s length, relationship with those satellite “free” sites and to leverage their platforms to the max as they do your content. Publishing a sliver of your content portfolio  on a “free” site and simultaneously building/running your own site(s) are neither mutually exclusive, nor antithetical enterprises; to the contrary, these two apparently contradictory and competing endeavors are complementary.

Make it a mutually beneficial relationship. A give-and-take rapport makes for a better, smoother relationship and keeps everybody happy. Another plausible excuse to refrain from parting company with the “free” websites is this incontestable and undeniable fact: They are an inexhaustible source of resources for a variety of topics, subjects and how-to articles and videos.

A Compelling Argument

We hope that a compelling case has been made to convince, motivate, urge and prompt you to create and run your own website(s). According to a Chinese proverb, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We’ve taken the first step on your behalf by publishing a thought-provoking and captivating article, the remaining steps are up to you.

During the course of this endeavor, unexpected roadblocks and apparently insurmountable obstacles are bound to litter your path to success along the process, but treat them as FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), temporary deterrents and setbacks; soldier on, don’t look back, keep the faith; for victory, in the end, belongs to the valiant men and courageous women who dare fight for it, not the cowards. Remember: If you can build someone else’s website (the “free” site), and enrich them in the process at your expense, by providing relatively free user-generated content, so can you your own website. Here is, to that end, your second step: Take the pledge.

The Pledge

Repeat after us: Having read and understood the preceding enlightening and eye-opening article, from this day forward, I take the solemn pledge, engagement and commitment to host and create (if you have not already done so) my own website(s), for the sake of exercising control over the destiny (revenue-wise) of my own content and to never again be at the whims, caprices and mercy of “free” websites’ Terms Of Use/Service Policy. So help me God and Goddess!

Remember: The universe rewards action, but punishes idleness and inaction. Isn’t it time to host your own website?

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