How To Save Money To Afford A Website

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How To Save Money To Afford A Website*

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This article should have been entitled “You Don’t Own A Website – What’s Your Excuse?”, but we’ve opted for a more appealing title instead,How To Save Money To Afford A Website“- Your Own, to grab your attention. The gist of it, really, is to dismantle these alleged excuses you’ve been hiding behind and to show you how to put website-ownership within your financial grasp, if you are really serious about it.

During our internet adventures, we’re fortunate enough to come across a number of people who are struggling financially (or so they claim) and would like nothing more than an opportunity to earn extra income to make ends meet. Most people were hit hard by the 2008 economic crisis, and have not yet recovered from the financial woes. Despite rosy statistics about lower national unemployment rate, due to economic improvement, do you wonder why you still don’t have a steady job?

It’s a jobless recovery, according to the technocrats. Regardless of rosy unemployment statistics, if YOU don’t have a job, the rate of unemployment is too high.

Since it’s a new economy, you can’t rely exclusively on an employer for a job. You are left with one option: create your own job. Then, faced with such a dilemma, we ask the suggestive question: why don’t you start a website, which will earn you passive and residual income, if run well?

The answer is always three-fold: a) I don’t have any money, b) I can’t afford it, and here is the kicker: c) Can you do it or build it for me free of charge?

A clever answer which prompts us to dig deeper. Here is a list of the probing questions:

  • Do you have a cell phone (they usually do)? If so, is the bill paid every month?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your home phone bill?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your electric bill?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your cable bill?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your gas/oil bill?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your car insurance, inspection and registration bills?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay to fill up your car?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your rent/mortgage?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Do you pay your credit cards bills?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Can you afford to pay for a basic web-hosting package to build a website and earn passive and residual income?
  • Answer: No.

As you can see from the above line of questioning, and the elicited answers, a pattern has emerged: they always manage somehow, someway, to come up with the money to pay the foregoing bills, and yet, interestingly enough, they seem unable to find any money to pay for a web-hosting package to build (or have it built) a website, which will put passive and residual income in their pockets, year in, year out (not a get-rich-quick scheme).

Free Websites: How To Get Yours To Make Money

If you are financially challenged and sincerely need (not want) a website to earn passive income to make ends meet, yet can’t afford it, we’ll examine the bills you are paying now and show you how to slash them to save money and to put ownership of a website within your financial grasp. In other words, we’ll show you how and where to get the money to reach your goal: ownership of a website.

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Cell Phone

We all want the best and latest Smart Phones with all the bells and whistles. While there is nothing wrong with a longing for the finer things in life, the pragmatic question is: can you really afford it?

Are you trying to keep up with the Jones at the expense of what you want to accomplish – namely, financial stability?

What is the purpose of a cell phone, fancy or not? The function of a Smart or Feature Phone is to enable you to make and receive phone calls, to send and receive text messages, to surf the web, to take pictures and shoot videos, to listen to music, play radio and video games, to read e-books, etc. Seriously, do you really need a $700.00 – $900.00 phone to perform these basic functions, when a less expensive unlocked phone ($150.00 – $200.00, with fewer bells and whistles) can do the same?

If you are shopping for a Smart Phone, we’ve just saved you $500.00-$700.00, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Which Phone To Buy?

Buy a GMS (Global Mobile System) Phone, instead of a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Phone. The difference between the two is that the former, if and when unlocked, can be used at any competing phone company to sign up for the best phone service that suits your need and fits your budget by just replacing the SIM (Subscriber Identity Mobile) Card; whereas, with the latter, you are stuck with whatever service plan and phone company/carrier you are dealing with.

To find out which cell phone best suits your telephonic needs and budget, contrast and compare cell phone brands and models produced by the following competing companies:

  • Apple vs Samsung, Alcatel vs Kyocera, LG vs Motorola
  • Nokia vs Panasonic, Sony vs Huawei, ATT vs T-Mobile
  • HTC vs BlackBerry, Vodafone vs ZTE, Gigabyte vs Pantech, etc.

Cell Phone Plan Bill

Your cell phone plan is made of talk minutes, text, and data usage, for which you pay $80.00 – $100.00/month. Examine your phone bill monthly to discern a pattern with respect to talked time, texted messages, and used data, and ask yourself: do you really use your cell plan to the max? Can a competing plan offer the same services for half the monthly rate you are paying now?

We’ve just saved you $40.00 – $50.00/month on your phone bill, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

To compare and contrast cell phone plans to determine which plan suits you best, check out the plans offered by these competing companies:

  • Verizon vs ATT, T-Mobile vs Sprint
  • Boost Mobile vs Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS vs Net 10
  • Consumer Cellular vs Tracfone, Cricket vs Straight Talk
  • SafeLink Wireless vs Assurance Wireless
  • SimpleMobile vs Viva Mòvil vs Univision Mobile, etc.

For more free and low cost telephonic services, please read:

Home Phone Bill

Most people ditch their landlines in favor of cell phones. That exclusive reliance on mobile phones, however, has its drawbacks. In time of emergency, if a cell phone tower is out of range or affected, most cell phones won’t work. If discharged, they won’t function either. Whereas, blackout or not, a land line phone (barring any major disaster) always works.

A package -landline phone and internet service- costs about $80.00/month, which can be reduced to about $20.00/month, if you do the following:

  • Sign up for Internet Service Only (no bundle) for about $15.00/month (Download Speed up to 2Mbps, Upload Speed up to 1Mbps). Those internet speed rates are more than enough for the VOIP phone to work and whose Download and Upload Speed minimum requirements are 128 kbps (or 0.125 Mbps)

Bear in mind that this is a VOIP Phone, meaning: unlike the landline, it won’t work without electricity and internet service. Read How to Power Your VOIP and Cell Phones – Blackout or not and watch the video   to keep your VOIP Phone ON, and your Cell Phone CHARGED at all times.

We’ve just saved you about $60.00/month on your home phone bill, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Electric Bill

The price of energy keeps going up, taking an ever increasing bite out of your monthly energy budget. The only way to reign it in is through management and a few inexpensive upgrades.

Management.– Cell Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, Video Cameras, etc., once charged, must be unplugged (unplug the charger). TV Sets, Computers, Cable Boxes (unless required to be ON at all times), Air Conditioners, Light Bulbs, etc. must be turned OFF and unplugged when not in use. As for for powered Medical Devices, follow the doctor’s advice and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Upgrades.– Replace Incandescent bulbs with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) or LED (Light- Emitting Diode) bulbs.
Instead of charging your mobile devices at home, charge them in your car while driving (if you do), or use a Solar Panel to do the job. For more tips on how to save money on your energy bill, please read How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill (Part 1) and watch the video.

We’ve just saved you about $20.00/month on your energy bill, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Cable Bill

The millennium generation is known as the “Cord Never” generation with respect to cable subscription.
They (most) don’t subscribe to Cable TV, and yet get to watch their favorite shows for free or at a low cost. How do they manage to do it?

They watch free Internet TV and Over-The-Air- TV, free videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, Veoh, and/low cost streaming movies from Netflix, HuluPlus, etc. for less than $10.00/month, or from Blockbuster On Demand and iTunes Rentals.

Downloading and/or watching streaming videos, movies, documentaries, etc. require download speed superior to the basic 2Mbps. You may choose to upgrade your internet plan to standard.

Assuming an $80.00/month cable bill, we’ve just saved you $70.00/month, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Gas/Oil Bill

If you own/rent a house, chances are it is gas/oil-heated. To learn what to do save money on your gas/oil bill, read How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill (Part 1)‘s Practical Steps.

Other ways you can save money on your gas/oil bill is to heat water with a solar water heater, to cook with a solar cooker in sunny areas. Since you need to save money, it is best to build an inexpensive solar cooker, to take advantage of free solar energy, instead of buying one. To build your own cooker, check out these resources.

We’ve just saved you about $20.00/month on your energy gas/oil bill, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Car Insurance, Registration and Inspection Bills

Insurance.– Do you know that you can save up to 10% off of your insurance policy premium, remove ticket points off your license for 3 consecutive years by taking a $30.00 or less Defensive Driving Course?

If your insurance premium is, for example, $1000.00/ year, you stand to save $300.00 in a 3-year span.

If you care to take the saving tips one step further, you can also compare insurance rates to get the cheapest premium. It may be time to switch to an affordable insurance company. To that end, compare rates from:

  • AAA vs AIG
  • AllState vs State Farm
  • Acceptance vs Travelers
  • Farmers vs The Hartford
  • Geico vs Progressive
  • GMAC Insurance vs MetLife
  • Liberty Mutual vs 21st Century Insurance
  • Nationwide vs Progressive
  • USAA vs Esurance, etc.

Also, If you have an older car and are still paying full coverage, it may be time to reassess your insurance needs and switch to deductible liability insurance.

We’ve just saved you about $100.00/year on your car insurance premium alone, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the building of a website.

Registration.– registration fees are pretty much set in stone by the State and the Counties, there is no room for negotiation. Fees are determined by the vehicle weight and taxes, unless you downgrade from an 8 or 6-cylinder vehicle to a 4, and reduce the vehicle weight, there are no savings to be had.

Inspection.– Pass or Fail, you must pay for an annual vehicular inspection. However, if you are an established client of the facility (garage or auto repair shop) where the inspection is conducted, the inspector (mechanic) may waive the Fail fee in exchange for getting the car fix at their shop, and charge you only the Pass fee.

Let us assume a $40.00 inspection fee, you’ll end up paying $40.00, instead of $80.00, had you not agreed to the deal. The $40.00 saved can pay for 1 year of basic hosting.

Car Fill-Ups Bill

You can save money on fill-ups a number of ways, chief among them is:

If your car does not require premium fuel (93, 94 Octane), fill up with regular (87 Octane) or mid-grade gas (89 Octane) to save a bundle over time.

Shop around for the lowest gas price in your area by visiting price comparison sites such as:


Combine your errands in a single trip, whenever possible, to save money on fuel expenses.

If cash or credit is the same price, and you have a cash reward credit card, pay with the credit card to earn cash. This strategy works to your advantage only if you pay your credit card bill on time and in full (no forward balance).

Please note that this is not financial advice, it’s just explorations of financial strategies to save you money, so you can afford a website and stop being a pest to your geek friends by constantly begging them to build you a free website. Always consult you financial adviser before any money-saving/earning tips are acted upon.

Car Buying

If shopping for a car, replace your gas-guzzler with a fuel-efficient vehicle. To compare fuel-efficient cars side-by-side, check out

What if your car is 100% electric? Well, recharge it with solar panels, if possible.

We’ve just saved you a bundle on your fuel expenditures, which you can invest in the acquisition of a domain name and the building of a website.

Rent/Mortgage Bill

Rent.– Since a website does not cost an arm and a leg, it would be absurd to suggest that you move to another State or another region within a State where rent is cheap, in order to save money to invest in a website. The reality, however, bears out an irrefutable facts: rent fluctuates from zip code to zip code, and can positively or negatively impact your housing budget. If you end up moving or reducing your square footage, you stand to inevitably save money.

Since moving is not an option, how do you save money on your rent to invest in a website?

If your landlord (or landlady) gives the option to pay rent in either cash, by credit or check; choose credit as a method of payment, if you have a credit card with cash reward benefits. Most credit cards offer 1% – 5% cash back on most purchases and every transaction. On a $1000.00 rent, you can save $10.00 – $50.00/month, which can be invested in the purchase of a domain name and the building of a website.

This strategy works to your advantage only if a) the transaction incurs no fees, b) the card issuer rewards this type of transaction, and c) you pay your credit card bill on time and in full (no forward balance).

Otherwise, pay your rent as you usually do: in cash, by check, money order, or bank transfer.

Just a reminder: This is not financial advice, but just brainstorming ideas to save you money, so you can afford a website. Always consult your financial adviser before you implement any financial idea or suggestion.

Mortgage.– The same rent-paying strategy can be employed to pay your mortgage if your bank or mortgage holder allows it, resulting in a monthly saving of $15.00 – $100.00 on a $1500.00 – $2000.00 mortgage.

This strategy works to your advantage only if a) the transaction incurs no fees, b) the card issuer rewards this type of transaction, and c) you pay your credit card bill on time and in full (no forward balance).

Otherwise, pay your mortgage as you usually do: in cash, by check, money order, or bank transfer.

Once again, this not financial advice, but just explorations of money-saving ideas to save you some dough, so you can afford a website. Always consult your financial adviser before you implement any financial idea or suggestion.

Credit Cards Bills

If the choice is between paying your credit card bills and investing in a website, always pay your credit card bills first. Your credit card cash rewards can still pay for your website if the transactions you use it for are interest and finance-fees free, and you pay your bill on time (and in full, if possible).

Some reward cards offer no annual fee, 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR), cash back, etc., for a period of 12 – 18 months. You should take advantage of those incentivized cards to acquire a domain name and a web hosting plan as soon as possible.

Sell Your Stuffs

If you have good stuffs at home (arts and crafts, clothes, electronics, games, musical instruments, books, jewelries, lawn mowers, collectibles, etc.), which you have no use for, why not declutter/unclutter by posting them for free and selling them locally on  a number of free classified websites? The proceed ($10.00, $20.00, $30.00, etc.) of the sale can be invested in a website.

Web-Hosting Package

If you’ve been hiding behind specious arguments (such as: it’s too pricey, I can’t afford it) to justify your non-ownership of a website, here are the bare bone financial facts about a web-hosting plan:

  • The price* of a web-hosting package ranges from $4.00 to $10.00/month for 3 years, that’s an average of $48.00 to $120.00/year, depending on the plan you choose.
  • With the plan come unlimited disk space, unlimited domains (or single domain), unlimited bandwidth, shared or private SSL certificate, toll free number, 24/7 support, etc.

Admittedly, $48.00 – 120.00/year is a derisory amount for something that has the potential to set you free, financially speaking; but when you are broke -dead broke, even a dollar bill/coin is a substantial amount of money. In light of this consideration, if we share a secret with you to show how to get the web-hosting package for half off, will you get it now? (Use PROMOCODE: CJSAVE25, to save 25% if not on sale.) And do you promise not to tell? Now that we get your attention, here is the deal: buy your web-hosting package on sale. To be kept apprised of the latest and upcoming blowout sales, subscribe to the newsletter.

Now that your web-hosting plan/package has been cut in half to an average of $24.00 – $60.00/year for 3 years, what is your excuse for not being the proud owner of a website?

How about the price of a domain name? Inexpensive: so much so, you have to check it out yourself.
Some companies even throw in a free domain for one year if you buy a web-hosting package.

* Prices are approximative and subject to change without notice.

If you still complain that website ownership is way beyond your financial reach, we will not consider you a lost case, still, far from it; we’ll point you in the right direction until you are ready. Here is your last resort/resource: Make Money Online With Free Websites. When you are ready for website ownership, come back here to buy your web-hosting package/plan

Value of Apps, Domains & Websites?

If you are wondering: what is the value of a domain name, a website, or an app? Wonder no more. If you are still debating as to whether to invest a measly amount of money in a domain name, a website, or an app, the debate is over. Here are the facts:

  • FaceBook bought (domain name) for a cool $8.5 Million in 2010
  • Yahoo! paid $1.1 Billion for Tumblr (website) in 2013
  • Google shelled out $1.1Billion for Waze (app) in 2013
  • Xiaomi parted with $3.6 Million in exchange for (domain name) in 2014
  • FaceBook scooped up WhatsApp (app) for the dizzying sum of $19 Billion in 2014, etc.

Value of Apps, Domains & Websites 949x505

What’s the difference between you and those sellers/entrepreneurs who become filthy rich overnight? Luck? Action?

While you were still debating as to the merit of investing in apps, domain names and websites-ownership, they took action when it mattered. Consequently, they are now enjoying a windfall and reaping all the benefits that decisive action-taking has to offer.

You can either debate or take action. You can’t do both.

Now that all your excuses have been taken away, the next best thing to do is to buy your web-hosting package/plan, and finally make your dream come true: being the proud owner of your own website! Remember: Where there is a will, there is always a way!

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